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Table 2 List of SERPINAs used for the phylogenetic analyses

From: An original SERPINA3 gene cluster: Elucidation of genomic organization and gene expression in the Bos taurus 21q24 region

SERPINA Organisms Protein names Accession numbers
SERPINA3 (α1-antichymotrypsin precursor) Bos taurus bovSERPINA3-1 AAY22405
   bovSERPINA3-2 ABM55496
   bovSERPINA3-3 AAY22406
   bovSERPINA3-4 ABM55497
   bovSERPINA3-5 ABM55498
   bovSERPINA3-6 ABM55499
   bovSERPINA3-7 ABM55500
   bovSERPINA3-8 ABM55501
   Endopin2B AAR26722
   Endopin2C AAX63906
  Canis familiaris   BXP_537546
  Homo sapiens   P01011
  Monodelphis domestica   XP_001375795
  Mus musculus SERPINA3-F Q80X76
   SERPINA3-K P07759
  Ornithorynchus anatinus   XP_001516508
  Sus scrofa SERPINA3-1 M29508
   SERPINA3-2 CAC05490
SERPINA4 (kallistatin precursor) Canis familiaris   XP_547962
  Homo sapiens   P29622
SERPINA5 (plasma serine protease inhibitor precursor) Bos taurus   Q9N212
  Homo sapiens   P05154
  Mus musculus   P070458
SERPINA6 (corticosteroid-binding globulin precursor) Homo sapiens   P08185
  Monodelphis domestica   XP_001370999
  Mus musculus   Q06770
  Ovis aries   P49920
SERPINA7 (thyroxine-binding globulin precursor) Bos taurus   Q9TT36
  Homo sapiens   P05543
  Mus musculus   P16939
  Sus scrofa   Q9TT35
SERPINA9 (centerin precursor) Homo sapiens   Q86WD7
  Mus musculus   Q9D7D2
SERPINA11 Homo sapiens   Q86U17
  Mus musculus   Q8CIE0
  1. For each sub-family of SERPINAs, are listed the species names, in case of multigenic families, the nomenclature of proteins and the accession numbers.