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Table 3 Essential ORFs in A. nidulans for growth on any of the four carbon sources investigated.

From: Analysis of Aspergillus nidulans metabolism at the genome-scale

Part of the metabolism1 No. of essential functions assigned to ORFs (total no.) Essential ORFs2
C-compound metabolism   
   Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle 1 (1) AN2999.2
   One-carbon metabolism 2 (2) AN1524.2, AN2998.2
   Folate biosynthesis 2 (8) AN8188.2, AN6032.2
   Coenzyme A and pantothenate biosynthesis 4 (10) AN1778.2, AN2526.2, AN0205.2, AN9446.2
   Glycerol metabolism 1 (1) AN1396.2
   C6 metabolism 2 (3) AN5975.2, AN2867.2
   Chitin biosynthesis 3 (4) AN5794.2, AN4234.2, AN9094.2
   Glycogen biosynthesis 1 (1) AN8010.2
Amino acid metabolism   
   Arginine metabolism 6 (6) AN7722.2, AN8770.2, AN1150.2, AN4409.2, AN1883.2, AN2914.2
   Cysteine metabolism 1 (1) AN2229.2
   Glutamate and glutamine metabolism 1 (1) AN4159.2
   Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism 3 (3) AN8859.2, AN4793.2, AN2882.2
   Histidine metabolism 6 (6) AN3748.2, AN2293.2, AN6536.2, AN0717.2, AN7044.2, AN7430.2
   Branched chain amino acid metabolism 7 (4)3 AN4323.2/AN7878.2/AN5957.2, AN4956.2/AN4430.2, AN6346.2, AN0840.2
   Lysine metabolism 4 (4) AN8519.2, AN5610.2, AN5601.2, AN2873.2
   Methionine metabolism 4 (4) AN1263.2, AN4443.2, AN8277.2, AN1222.2
   Aromatic amino acids metabolism 16 (17)3 AN0708.2/AN8886.2/AN4350.2, AN5731.2, AN6866.2, AN6338.2, AN5959.2, AN3695.2, AN3634.2, AN0648.2, AN6231.2/AN5444.2, AN4577.2, AN5200.2, AN1689.2, AN0648.2
   Proline metabolism 1 (1) AN7387.2
Nucleotide metabolism   
   Purine metabolism 11 (11) AN1395.2, AN6637.2, AN6541.2, AN5922.2, AN8121.2, AN3626.2, AN4739.2, AN4464.2, AN0893.2, AN5716.2, AN5566.2
   Pyrimidine metabolism 9 (9) AN0961.2, AN5909.2, AN5884.2, AN6157.2, AN4258.2, AN8213.2, AN3581.2, AN7028.2, AN0490.2
   Salvage pathways 1 (1) AN8216.2
Lipid metabolism   
   Fatty acids metabolism 3 (1)3 AN5904.2/AN9408.2/AN9407.2
   Phospholipids metabolism 12 (10)3 AN5599.2, AN6139.2, AN5166.2, AN5661.2, AN2154.2, AN1376.2, AN2261.2, AN6610.2, AN6580.2, AN6712.2/AN6211.2/AN7604.2
   Sterol metabolism 12 (12) AN4923.2, AN3869.2, AN2311.2, AN4414.2, AN0579.2, AN8012.2, AN3376.2, AN7751.2, AN5585.2, AN7146.2, AN0451.2, AN4042.2
   Glycerolipid metabolism 1 (1) AN6159.2
   Glycolipids metabolism 0 (2) -
Sulfur metabolism 1 (1) AN1752.2
TOTAL 115 (136)  
  1. Number and list of essential ORFs in A. nidulans for growth on any of the four carbon sources investigated, namely glucose, xylose, glycerol, and ethanol. The total number of metabolic reactions that are essential for growth, with or without an ORF associated is shown in parenthesis.
  2. 1 Some ORFs encode enzymes that participate in different parts of the metabolism, but these are represented only once in the table.
  3. 2 This list corresponds to all essential genes for growth on glucose, which also revealed to be essential for growth on any of the other carbon sources. However, additional genes were predicted to be essential on xylose (AN6037.2), glycerol (AN6037.2), and ethanol (AN6037.2, AN2916.2/AN2332.2/AN8793.2, AN8707.2, AN6653.2).
  4. 3 In these cases, the number of essential ORFs may be greater than the number of essential biochemical conversions due to the presence of enzyme complexes.