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Table 1 PARP-1 dependent genes in T cellsa

From: Transcriptional regulation by Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 during T cell activation

Stimulation   No. of genes  
  Total Positive regulationb Negative regulationb
None 93 43 50
Anti-CD3 129 45 84
Anti-CD3+anti-CD28 203 173 30
  1. a Genes were classified as PARP-1 dependent genes when their expression was change by a factor of at least 1.5 (F-test<0.05) between Parp-1+/+ and Parp-1-/- cells in the microarrays analysis. bPositive regulation was considered when the expression of a particular gene was higher in the presence of PARP-1 than in its absence. Likewise, genes expressed at higher level in the absence of PARP-1 than in its presence were considered negatively regulated by PARP-1.