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Table 2 List of mouse MHC class Ib genes analysed in this study

From: Major histocompatibility complex (Mhc) class Ib gene duplications, organization and expression patterns in mouse strain C57BL/6

Gene name mRNA sequences referred
Used in this study Others NCBI accession Ensembl transcript ID NCBI accessions determined in this study
Q1 (GS7)   U96752 ENSMUST00000073208 -
Q2 (GS8)   AY989880 ENSMUST00000074806 AB266872
Q4 (GS9,10) Qb-1 XR_034205 ENSMUST00000113887 AB267092, AB266873
Q5   - ENSMUST00000040240 -
Q6   NM_207648 ENSMUST00000091611 -
Q7 Qa-2, Ped NM_010394 ENSMUST00000071951 -
Q10   AK131620 ENSMUST00000068291 -
T24 (GS31)   NM_008207 ENSMUST00000066488 -
T23 (GS32) Qa-1   ENSMUST00000102678 AB359230
T22 (GS33)   AK133985 ENSMUST00000058801 AB359229
T15 (GS14-2)   - ENSMUST00000113742 AB359227
T13 Bl, blastocyst MHC, T25 AY989821 ENSMUST00000025333 -
T11 (GS12)   XM_975970 ENSMUST00000079918 -
T10 (GS13)   NM_010395 ENSMUST00000074201 -
T9 (GS14-1)   - - AB267093
T7 (GS16)   NM_001025208 ENSMUST00000064686 -
T5 (GS17)   NM_001081032 ENSMUST00000040467 AB359231
T3 (GS18) TL AK033602 ENSMUST00000025312 -
M5 (GS23) CRW2 XM_903477 ENSMUST00000113667 AB359228
M3 (GS24) Hmt NM_013819 ENSMUST00000038580 AB267096
M2 Thy19.4 AY302212 ENSMUST00000077662 -
  1. Haplotype b (C57BL/6) was used. Nomenclature of each gene was based on the previous reports [23, 26], except for GS number. The H2 prefixes were omitted. The GS numbers in parenthesis represent the gene sequence numbers used in our laboratory.