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Table 4 correlated pair by tissue-specific regulation

From: Functional importance of different patterns of correlation between adjacent cassette exons in human and mouse

  Tissue M Tissue N Pooled
exons +D -D +D -D +D -D
+U 9 81 9 1 18 82
-U 1 9 81 9 82 18
  1. * +/- means the upstream (U) or downstream (D) exon in a pair is included/excluded in the transcript. In tissue M, the inclusion levels are 0.9 for U and 0.1 for D. In tissue N, the levels in 0.1 for U and 0.9 for D. The correlation coefficients between U and D are 0 in both M and N. But in pooled observation, the data show a strong negative correlation (-0.64). The cause of correlation in pooled data is not by the direct interaction between the two exons but the tissue-specific regulation.