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Table 1 Atlantic salmon BAC library screen.

From: Multiple expressed MHC class II loci in salmonids; details of one non-classical region in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Probe(s) No. of positive clones BAC clone identities
DAA 8 139H17, 311J12, 327D01, 430J21, 485N02, 579A17, 630N19, 650J16
DAB 12 113K11, 121O12, 332F21, 416L17, 417A07, 429J19, 525D04, 537K01, 612D01, 619A16, 642F05, 667J06
  1. Positive Atlantic salmon BAC clones from initial library screen using probes for Sasa-DAA and Sasa-DAB.