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Table 4 Pearson correlation coefficients of the expression profiles of HvWRKY genes and their designate AtWRKY orthologs.

From: Phylogenetic and comparative gene expression analysis of barley (Hordeum vulgare) WRKY transcription factor family reveals putatively retained functions between monocots and dicots

HvWRKY AtWRKY Correlation coefficient
HvWRKY1 AtWRKY18 0.06
  AtWRKY40 -0.11
  AtWRKY60 -0.18
HvWRKY2 AtWRKY18 -0.05
  AtWRKY40 -0.10
  AtWRKY60 -0.31
HvWRKY3 AtWRKY18 0.21
  AtWRKY40 -0.24
  AtWRKY60 -0.11
HvWRKY4 AtWRKY54 0.52
  AtWRKY70 0.23
HvWRKY6 AtWRKY1 0.41
  AtWRKY32 0.45
HvWRKY7 AtWRKY11 0.38
  AtWRKY17 0.66
HvWRKY8 AtWRKY39 0.20
  AtWRKY74 0.30
HvWRKY9 AtWRKY7 -0.49
  AtWRKY15 0.12
HvWRKY13 AtWRKY43 0.82
  AtWRKY56 0.54
HvWRKY23 AtWRKY30 0.33
  AtWRKY53 0.39
HvWRKY28 AtWRKY30 -0.12
  AtWRKY53 -0.07
HvWRKY32 AtWRKY54 0.70
  AtWRKY70 0.42
HvWRKY34 AtWRKY55 -0.37
HvWRKY39 AtWRKY65 0.88
  AtWRKY69 0.91
HvWRKY42 AtWRKY2 0.78
HvWRKY46 AtWRKY20 0.50
Average correlation all WRKY gene pairs 0.24
Average correlation best correlated WRKY gene pairs* 0.37
Average correlation random genes** 0.01
  1. * For each HvWRKY gene, the AtWRKY gene with the highest correlation value was chosen to calculate the average correlation of best pairs.
  2. ** Correlation of 101 random genes of barley and Arabidopsis. Probesets on the Barley1 GeneChip and ATH1 GeneChip were randomly selected and the average of the Pearson correlation of their expression profiles was calculated.