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Table 2 Uniseqs with significant homology to known fungal pathogenicity factors

From: Stage-specific gene expression during urediniospore germination in Puccinia striiformis f. sp tritici

Uniseqs No. of clones Putative function Homolog in GenBank (accession number) E-value
Ps259 2 G protein alpha subunit Magnaporthe grisea MAGB (AAB65426) 9E-47
Ps261 5 MAP kinase M. grisea PMK1 (AAC49521) 2E-25
Ps8 14 differentiation-related protein Inf24 Uromyces appendiculatus Inf24 (AF155928) 8E-10
Ps28 128 differentiation-related protein Inf24 U. appendiculatus Inf24 (AF155928) 3E-11
Ps85 63 mycelial surface antigen precursor Candida albicans CSA1 (AF080221) 1E-05
Ps238 9 secreted Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase C. albicans SOD (EAL00626) 1E-13
Ps300 3 putative ABC transporter C. albicans RLI1 (EAL02734) 3E-92
Ps5709 1 putative ABC transporter M. grisea ABC1 (CH476837) 3E-08
Ps101 2 amino acid transporter Uromyces fabae AAT1 (AJ308252) 3E-33
Ps6 4 homolog of Gas1 M. grisea GAS1 (AF363065) 2E-06
Ps159 19 homolog of Gas2 M. grisea GAS2 (AF264035) 1E-08
Ps1728 1 adenylate cyclase M. grisea MAC1 (AF006827) 3E-08
Ps87 2 effector protein Melampsora lini HESP-767 (DQ279883) 9E-30