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Table 3 Fully conserved stretches of a minimum of 3 bp in all DRB1-e2 sequences

From: Sequence features of HLA-DRB1 locus define putative basis for gene conversion and point mutations

Position Sequence (underlined letters corresponding to motif in table 2) Corresponding motif in Table 2
4–8 5'-GTTTC-3' Polypyrimidine tract
30–32 5'-TGT-3'  
36–43 5'-TTCTTCA A-3'
Deletion hotspot consensus sequence (5'-TGAAGA-3') in non-coding strand
Polypyrimidine tract (5'-TTCTTC-3')
47–49 5'-GAC-3'  
51–54 5'-GAGC-3'  
56–60 5'-GGTGC-3'  
107–119 5'-CGACAGCGACGTG-3'  
121–124 5'-GGGA-3' Polypurine tract
142–145 5'-AGCT-3' Part of the immunoglobulin heavy chain class switch repeat (5'-GAGCT-3')a
  5'-AGCT-3' Part of the chi-like sequence (5'-GCT GGGG-3')a
147–149 5'-GGG-3' Part of deletion hotspot consensus sequence (5'-TGRRK M-3')a
  5'-GGG-3' Part of the chi-like sequence (5'-GCTGGGG-3')a
167–174 5'-CTGGAACA-3'  
179–182 5'-GAAG-3'  
210–215 5'-GTGGAC-3'  
222–227 5'-TGCAGA-3'  
229–235 5'-ACAACTA-3'  
246–250 5'-GAGAG-3' Polypurine trac
248–250 5'-GAG-3' Part of the immunoglobulin heavy chain class switch repeat (5'-GAG CT-3')a
252–256 5'-TTCA C-3' Deletion hotspot consensus sequence
261–263 5'-CAG-3'  
267–269 5'-CGA-3'  
  1. athe full motif as in Table 2