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Table 4 Functional analysis. Functional analysis of the 13 clusters from the gene signature (for full gene list [see Additional file 2b]).

From: Predicting prognosis using molecular profiling in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer treated with tamoxifen

Cluster no. Top Network overall Top high level function Top canonical pathway Number of focus genes able to be mapped*
79 Cancer Inflammatory disease Cell cycle Lipid metabolism Molecular transport cAMP mediated signaling 3
148 Cancer Immune response Cell cycle 1 carbon pool by folate 28
112 Gene expression Gene expression Protein synthesis EGF signaling 10
120 Cell cycle Cellular movement Cell cycle G2/M checkpoint 28
375 Cellular movement, inflammatory disease Carbohydrate metabolism TGF-beta signaling 4
201 DNA recombination and repair Cell cycle G1/S checkpoint 11
521 Cell cycle Cell cycle G1/S checkpoint 14
784 Cell death Cell morphology Cellular development IL4 signaling 3
859 Gene expression Cell morphology None given 4
360 DNA recombination and repair Cell cycle None given 6
231 Cell to cell signaling and interaction Embryonic development IGF1 pathway 13
110 Cell death Cellular development Cancer Inflammation PDGF signaling 14
337 Cell morphology Cellular function and maintenance None given 1
  1. * note that clusters (pclust) often contained probe sets that represented the same gene