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Table 2 Description of all microarray datasets analyzed in this study.

From: Smoking-induced gene expression changes in the bronchial airway are reflected in nasal and buccal epithelium

Category Tissue # Samples Platform GEO reference Sample Description
Epithelial Mouth 5 U133A GSE8987 5 never smokers
Epithelial Bronch 23 U133A GSE994 23 never smokers
Epithelial Nose 8 U133A+2.0 GSE8987 8 never smokers
Epithelial Nose 11 U133A GSE2395 11 normal nasal epithelial samples; from cystic fibrosis study
Epithelial Lung 14 U133A GSE1650 no/mild emphysema patients; from COPD study
Epithelial Skin 5 U133A GSE5667 normal skin tissue
Epithelial Esophagus 8 U133A GSE1420 normal esophageal epithelium
Mostly epithelial Kidney 8 U133+2.0 GSE3526 4 kidney cortex, 4 kidney medulla (post-mortem)
non epithelial Bone marrow 5 U133+2.0 GSE3526 5 bone marrow (post-mortem)
non epithelial Heart 5 U133A GSE2240 left ventricular myocardium, non-failing
non epithelial Brain 11 U133A GSE5389 postmortem orbitofrontal cortex
  1. Microarray datasets from 9 studies obtained from GEO, as well as the 2 datasets from this study are listed. Tissue type, total sample numbers, microarray platform, GEO accession number, and a brief description of each dataset are included.