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Table 4 Drivers and testers used in the subtraction libraries

From: DArT markers: diversity analyses and mapping in Sorghum bicolor

  Library 1 Library 2 Library 3 Library 4 Library 5 Library 6
Subtraction method One round One round One round One round One round Two rounds
Library Subtraction-1 Subtraction-2 Subtraction-3 Subtraction-4 Subtraction-5 Subtraction-6
Driver ISCV745 ISCV745 90562 IS8525 31945-2-2 Mixture of drivers
tester Tester mixture* 90562 ISCV745 31945-2-2 IS8525 Tester mixture*
  1. * The tester mixture was comprised of 90 sorghum genotypes without the four parental genotypes (ICSV745, B90562, R31945-2-2 and IS 8525).