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Table 3 Conserved gene clusters in the genomes of Mic-PCC7806, Cwa-WH8501 and Syn-PCC6803

From: Highly plastic genome of Microcystis aeruginosa PCC 7806, a ubiquitous toxic freshwater cyanobacterium

Cluster 1 = Phosphate transport system
Gene name sphX pstS pstC pstA pstB1 pstB2   
Mic-PCC7806 contig328 mic3546 mic3547 mic3548 mic3549 mic3550 mic3552   
Cwa-WH8501 contig3 EAM51827.1 EAM51828.1 EAM51829.1 EAM51831.1 EAM51832.1 EAM51833.1   
Syn-PCC6803 sll0679 sll0680 sll0681 sll0682 sll0683 sll0684   
Gene annotation periplasmic phosphate-binding protein of ABC transporter phosphate-binding periplasmic protein precursor phosphate transport system permease protein phosphate transport system permease protein phosphate transport ATP-binding protein phosphate transport ATP-binding protein   
Cluster 2 = Ci-concentrating mechanism
Gene name ccmK2 ccmk1 ccmL ccmM ccmN    
Mic-PCC7806 contig303 mic5495 mic5496 mic6196 mic5695 mic5233    
Cwa-WH8501 contig2 EAM52133.1 EAM52134.1 EAM52135.1 EAM52136.1 EAM52137.1    
Syn-PCC6803 sll1028 sll1029 sll1030 sll1031 sll1032    
Gene annotation carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism protein carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism protein putative carboxysome assembly protein putative carboxysome structural protein putative carboxysome assembly protein    
Cluster 3 = Unassigned function
Gene name   yidC   rnpA     
Mic-PCC7806 contig303 mic5398 mic5399 mic5400 mic6364     
Cwa-WH8501 contig2 EAM51643.1 EAM51642.1 EAM51641.1 EAM51640.1     
Syn-PCC6803 slr1472 slr1471 slr1470 slr1469     
Gene annotation COG1847 Predicted RNA-binding protein COG0706 Preprotein translocase subunit No similarity; highly conserved in cyanobacteria protein subunit of ribonuclease P     
Cluster 4 = ATP synthase
Gene name/Alternate gene name atpC atpA atpH/atpD atpF atpG atpE/atpH atpB/atpI atpI
Mic-PCC7806 contig290 mic4443 mic4444 mic4445 mic4446 mic4447 mic4448 mic4449 mic4451
Cwa-WH8501 contig1 EAM53207.1 EAM53206.1 EAM53205.1 EAM53204.1 EAM53203.1 EAM53202.1 EAM53201.1 EAM53200.1
Syn-PCC6803 sll1327 sll1326 sll1325 sll1324 sll1323 ssl2615 sll1322 sll1321
Gene annotation ATP synthase gamma chain ATP synthase alpha chain ATP synthase delta chain of CF(1) ATP synthase B chain (subunit I) of CF(0) ATP synthase of B' chain (subunit b') of CF(0) ATP synthase C chain of CF(0) ATP synthase A chain ATP synthase protein I
  1. For each of the three genomes, the gene identifiers are indicated in italics. See the Methods section for the strain identifiers.