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Table 3 Comparison of publicly available noncoding datasets to coding CSTs and currently annotated RefSeq coding sequences.

From: Genome-wide identification of coding and non-coding conserved sequence tags in human and mouse genomes

Non Coding Elements datasets Reference N° el CST Coding CST/RefSeq CDS
Ancora [22] 267641 96% 0
CONDOR [21] 4554 98% 0
Berkeley (*) [23] 939457 51% 239
Penn State (*) [23] 452517 85% 261
UCSC (*) [23] 1007256 59% 345
  1. (N° el:) number of noncoding elements of the dataset; (CST) percentage of elements of the set corresponding to a CST; (Coding CST/RefSeq CDS) number of elements of the set which correspond to a coding CST and to the CDS of a human RefSeq mRNA. (*) Elements of these sets refers to hg10 human assembly. Therefore we preventively converted their coordinates to current assembly by using LiftOver conversion tool.