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Table 1 Study factors collected with control animal microarray data

From: Sources of variation in baseline gene expression levels from toxicogenomics study control animals across multiple laboratories

Category Study Factor Query
Study Organism name
  Animal strain
  Study number
Subject characteristics Individual animal identifier
  Animal supplier
  Animal age at sacrifice
  Total body weight at sacrifice
  Time of day at sacrifice (AM or PM)
Husbandry Diet name and source
  Diet availability
  Number of animal in a cage
  Number of hours of light per day
  Was food withheld prior to sacrifice?
  Fasted > 12 hr?
  Blood collection during in life study?
  If yes, time of collection relative to sacrifice
Specimen Organ Sampled
  Organ section sampled
  Organ preservation method
  Organ weight at sacrifice
Euthanasia Sacrifice method
  Anesthetic used
Treatment Vehicle
  Route of vehicle administration
  Frequency of dosing
  Duration of dosing
  Dose volume
  Time between dosing and sacrifice
Microarray experiment RNA extraction protocol
  Quality parameters for RNA
  Sample preparation protocol
  Rounds of amplification
  Amount of RNA on array
  Array type used
  Scanner model