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Table 2 Summary of study factors with significant Hotelling-Lawley (H) and Variance Components (V) scores in each tissue-array set

From: Sources of variation in baseline gene expression levels from toxicogenomics study control animals across multiple laboratories

  Liver RAE230A Liver RAE230 2.0 Liver RGU34A Kidney RAE230A Kidney RAE230 2.0 Kidney RGU34A
Gender Ha Vb -c V H V V d
Fasted V H V V -   
Strain V H   -   H V
Organ Section   H   - HV -
Fixation V -    - H V
RNA Amount V H    - H
Lab   H H    H
Dose Duration   H V    H  
Vehicle H H     H
Sacrifice Method V H   -   
Diet   H V   -   
Study(Lab)    H    
Route    V   -  
Age       H
Dose Frequency V    - -  
Scanner   - V - -  
Anesthetic     -   
  1. aH: Large Hotelling-Lawley statistic (HLi > 35% of HLfull)
  2. bV: Large Variance Components statistic (Vi > Verror)
  3. c"-" Not tested (single factor level within tissue-array set)
  4. dBlank: Small effect for both H and V