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Table 3 Confounding relationships for selected factors in liver

From: Sources of variation in baseline gene expression levels from toxicogenomics study control animals across multiple laboratories

  RAE230A RAE230 2.0 RGU34A
Gender None n/a – all males None
Diet OrganSection + Fixation OrganSection + DoseDuration/Strain/SacMethod/Vehicle None
Strain OrganSection + Fixation SacMethod + DoseDuration/RNAAmount/Age/Fasted/SacMethod/Diet/Vehicle/OrganSection Diet + DoseDuration/Route/Age/OrganSection
Fasted OrganSection or Diet + Strain DoseDuration/Strain/SacMethod/Diet/Vehicle/OrganSection Diet + RNAAmount + Scanner/Fixation/SacMethod/Vehicle/OrganSection