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Table 3 Expression changes associated with in vivo versus in vitro culture of T. brucei.

From: The trypanosome transcriptome is remodelled during differentiation but displays limited responsiveness within life stages

MiTat vs SMB Gene Accession Fold difference
up in SMB DHH1 Tb10.70.3290 6.2
  procyclin Tb927.6.450 5.0
  PRA1 Tb10.389.1550 4.1
  procyclin Tb10.6k15.0030 3.8
  CSNK1D (casein kinase) Tb927.5.800 3.6
  CAP5.5 Tb927.4.3950 3.5
  Rab1a Tb927.8.890 3.5
  SNF1-like kinase Tb10.70.1760 3.5
  cofilin (ADF) Tb927.3.5180 3.1
  NEK2/6/7 kinase Tb927.3.3190 3.0
  PI3K (FYVE) Tb11.01.6980 2.8
  Trs20/sedlin Tb927.8.5900 2.7
  Ser peptidase (Bem46-like) Tb09.211.2310 2.7
  Ubiquitin conjugating Tb11.02.0815 2.6
  AP4 sigma Tb10.61.2530 2.6
  ARPC5 Tb10.406.0320 2.6
  FYVE Zn finger containing protein Tb927.4.3380 2.5
  ARPC4 Tb927.2.2900 2.5
  GSK3B kinase Tb927.7.2420 2.5
  IFT88 Tb11.55.0006 2.3
  RabGAP Tb10.6k15.1770 2.3
  nuclear transport factor 2 Tb10.70.5500 2.3
  ISG65-like Tb927.5.410 2.3
  two UIM domains Tb10.70.1130 2.2
  t-SNARE Tb11.03.0965 2.2
  Rab7 Tb09.211.2330 2.2
  CBL-interacting protein kinase 9 Tb927.8.870 2.2
  VHS domain containing protein Tb11.01.2540 2.2
  GTP1/OBG/Hsr1 Tb927.2.4240 2.1
  Hsr1/GTP-binding Tb927.7.2630 2.1
  MAPK8 kinase Tb10.70.2070 2.1
  PABP2 Tb09.211.2150 2.1
  calreticulin (lectin) Tb927.4.5010 2.0
  RanGEF Tb927.8.7290 2.0
  ARL3A Tb927.3.3450 2.0
up in MiTat1.1 p67 Tb927.5.1810 2.0
  polyUb Tb11.01.1680 2.0
  RanGEF Tb10.6k15.3150 2.9
SMB 4°C vs SMB Gene Accession Fold difference
up in 4°C CAP5.5 Tb927.4.3950 2.3
  Sec34-like Tb927.7.2640 2.0
  1. Significantly differentially expressed transcripts for in vivo MITat1.1 bloodstream culture vs in vitro SMB culture, and for SMB treated at 4°C for one hour. Ratios are given on a linear scale. Only ORFs which show at least a two-fold change are shown. Ratios which correspond to a value >1 for the B-statistic in limma analysis are shown in bold.