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Figure 7

From: Structure and properties of transcriptional networks driving selenite stress response in yeasts

Figure 7

Yap1p binds to the promoters of YRR1 and AFT2 in oxidative conditions. The global DNA binding pattern of Yap1p was determined by chromatin immunoprecipitation using strains harboring a tagged version of Yap1p (myc-Yap1p). The immunoprecipitate DNA was hybridized with intergenic DNA microarrays, together with genomic DNA (see methods). The cells were previously treated with benomyl, hydrogen peroxide or selenite (oxidative conditions); or with DMSO (control condition). Enrichment ratios were normalized using the print-tip median method (see methods). Each experiment was carried out four (oxidative conditions) or two (control condition) times. The histograms indicate the enrichment of the sequence in the immunoprecipitate, normalized with respect to the value obtained for whole cell extract. The results obtained for the mitochondrial ORF COX1 are shown as a negative control. The standard errors are indicated. The full results are shown in additional file 11.

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