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Table 1 Validation of DNA microarray results. mRNAs were selected for real time RT-PCR analysis from the list of differentially expressed genes in myo1 Δ with p < 0.01(Additional File 1). Fold-change was estimated by a semi-quantitative method as described in the Methods section.

From: Global mRNA expression analysis in myosin II deficient strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals an impairment of cell integrity functions

Gene name Fold Change in Microarray Fold Change (real time RT-PCR)
Up regulated genes
SLT2 2.1 1.8
ECM4 3.2 3.5
SPI1 8.6 13.0
YHR097C 4.1 3.8
ROM1 3.2 3.5
IRA2 3.7 2.3
Down regulated genes
RPL30 3.1 6.3
RPS31 2.6 7.7