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Table 2 Determination of the SLT2 gene mRNA fold change for wild type pRS316-RPL30, wild type pRS316-RPS31, myo1Δ pRS316-RPL30, and myo1Δ pRS316-RPS31 strains grown under inducing (2% galactose) and repressing (2% glucose) conditions.

From: Global mRNA expression analysis in myosin II deficient strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals an impairment of cell integrity functions

Strains SLT2 gene fold change
wild type pRS316-RPL30 1.21
wild type pRS316-RPS31 2.73
myo1Δ pRS316-RPL30 1.6
myo1Δ pRS316-RPS31 6.5