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Table 2 Comparative genomic hybridizations of different Actinidia species.

From: Analysis of expressed sequence tags from Actinidia: applications of a cross species EST database for gene discovery in the areas of flavor, health, color and ripening

  A. arguta A. chinensis A. deliciosa A. eriantha A. hemsleyana A. indo-chinensis A. poly-gama A. setosa
No. of oligosa 479b 8,957 6,606 978 148 12 188 104
A 2 58 95 15 0 0 1 1
B 0 12 27 5 0 0 0 0
  1. A # features where the signal is increased in A. deliciosa.
  2. B Signal increased in A. eriantha.
  3. a The number of oligonucleotide primers on the microarray derived from each Actinidia species.
  4. b Oligonucleotide microarrays were hybridized with labeled genomic DNA from A. deliciosa or A. eriantha. The signals were normalized and selected as differentially changing between the two species using a threshold of two.