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Table 2 Solanum melongena (Sm) genotypes and Solanum related wild species (Sr) assayed (shape and skin colour are indicated in bracket).

From: Gene-based microsatellite development for mapping and phylogeny studies in eggplant

Species Genotypes Use1 codes
S. melongena Angió3 (Long purple) BL Sm-1
  Angió5 (Long green) BL Sm-2
  ANK1 (Oval white purple striped) BL Sm-3
  ANK2 (Oval white purple striped) BL Sm-4
  Anominori (Long purple) CV Sm-5
  Baffa (Oval purple) CV Sm-6
  Bianca stirata verde (Small white green striped) BL Sm-7
  Buia (Oblong purple-black) BL Sm-8
  Cannellina Sarnese (Small long purple) CV Sm-9
  CN-2/Qiyeqie (Round purple) CV Sm-10
  Daizaburou (long purple) RT Sm-11
  Diataro (round purple) RT Sm-12
  Dourga (Long white) CV Sm-13
  DR2 (Long dark purple) BL Sm-14
  Gadilak F1 (Long purple) CV Sm-15
  GIC (Oblongl purple-black) BL Sm-16
  Hympulse (Long purple-black) CV Sm-17
  JM (Small elongate light purple) CV Sm-18
  Lunga violetta (Long purple) CV Sm-19
  Lunga violetta napoletana (Long light purple) CV Sm-20
  Maya (Oval purple) CV Sm-21
  Mirabelle (Long purple-black) CV Sm-22
  Mostruosa di New York (Oval purple) CV Sm-23
  Ovale piccola bianca/egg (Small oval white) BL Sm-24
  Palermitana (Oval light purple) CV Sm-25
  Pusa purple cluster (Small elongate purple) CV Sm-26
  Pusa purple long (Long purple) CV Sm-27
  Sita 07 (Oval light purple) BL Sm-28
  SM19/14 (Long purple) BL Sm-29
  Tanindo Subur (Long light purple) CV Sm-30
  Tian long (Long purple) CV Sm-31
  Tina (Long dark purple) BL Sm-32
  Tunisina Baharia (Oval light purple) CV Sm-33
  Violetta di Firenze (Oval light purple) CV Sm-34
  Violetta lunga semiorto (Long dark purple) CV Sm-35
  Zihzung F1 (Long purple) CV Sm-36
  305 E40 (Long purple-black) BL Sm-37
  67-3 (Oval light purple) BL Sm-38
S. viarum Japan   Sr-1
S. sodomaeum Italy   Sr-2
S. sisymbrifolium USA   Sr-3
S. torvum Indonesia   Sr-4
S. aethiopicum France   Sr-5
S. integrifolium Japan   Sr-6
  1. 1BL: breeding line; CV: cultivated variety; RT: rootstock.