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Table 1 Power Analysis.

From: A method for detecting epistasis in genome-wide studies using case-control multi-locus association analysis

  Power (%)
Noise Model 1 Model 2 Model 3
None 100 100 99
GE 100 100 96
MS 100 100 97
PC 89 100 49
GH 100 100 82
GE+GH+PC+MS 51 71 34
  1. Power of HFCC to detect a two-locus interaction at an alpha level of 0.01 under 3 genetic epistasis models and different sources of noise: no noise (None), genotyping error (GE), missing data (MS), phenocopy (PC), genetic heterogeneity (GH), and all sources of noise simultenously (GE+GH+PC+MS). For the datasets with genetic heterogeneity, we reported the power to detect either of the two simulated two-locus effects. Model 1 is a heterozygote-homozygote risk (i.e., risk genotypes ABCC, ABDD, AACD and BBCD); Model 2 represents a "2 and only 2"-allele risk (i.e., A and C) from any of two loci (i.e., risk genotypes AADD, ABCD, and BBCC); Model 3 represents a protective double-heterozygote (i.e., protective genotype ABCD).