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Table 2 Genes differentially expressed in FPD, CBF and in E8.5/E12

From: Integrative analysis of RUNX1 downstream pathways and target genes

Gene name RefSeq RUNX1 BS
ITM2C NM_030926 y
GLO1 NM_006708 ND
OGT NM_003605 y
ALAS1 NM_000688 ND
HSPA4L NM_014278 y
PPIB NM_000942 ND
CIB1 NM_006384 N
BASP1 NM_006317 y
TACC1 NM_006283 ND
CTSC NM_001814 y
PBX3 NM_006195 y
TGFBR3 NM_003243 ND
ANZA1 NM_000700 y
ELF1 NM_172373 ND
IFRD1 NM_001550 ND
MT1G NM_005950 ND
  1. RUNX1 BS: presence of a RUNX1 binding site in the regulatory region of the gene as determined by oPOSSUM. y stands for the presence of binding site and ND stands for not determined due to the absence of the gene in oPOSSUM.