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Table 4 Functional categories of genes regulated by the Zap1 transcriptional factor.

From: Differential control of Zap1-regulated genes in response to zinc deficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Functional Group Zap1 Target Genes
First-line defenses: Zinc homeostasis  
   Zinc uptake ZRT1, ZRT2, FET4, ZPS1
   Mobilize zinc stores ZRT3
   Increase transcription response ZAP1
   Zinc sparing ZRR1 (ADH1), ZRR2 (ADH3), ADH4
   Zinc shock resistance ZRC1
   Other zinc homeostasis genes IZH1, IZH2
Second-line defenses: Adaptive responses  
   Secretory pathway function ZRG17, MNT2, MCD4, YJR061W
   Cell wall function PST1, BAG7, HSP12, SED1, SCW4, YOL155C, YIL169C, YJL171C
   Stress resistance GRE2, RAD27, TSA1, CTT1, UTH1, HSP26
   Phospholipid metabolism DPP1, EKI1, PIS1, YJL132W
   Sulfur metabolism LAP3, SAM3, YPR003C
   Protein degradation PRC1, PEP4, PRB1, ATG19, UBX6
   Carbohydrate metabolism NRG2, TKL2, ENO1, ENO2, TDH1
   Purine/pyrimidine metabolism URA10, ADE17, HNT1
   Mitochondrial function FMP43, PET20, PET10
Other VEL1, MOH1, GPG1, COS6, ICY2, COS1, PHM7, PIG2, TIS11, ALD3, PUT4 , COS2, ZIP1, COS4, COS8, TPO5, COS3, YNL254C, YOR387C, YLL020C, YOL131W, YBL029W, YHR214W-A, YMR181C, YLL053C , YBL048C, YMR086W, YNL234W
  1. Genes shown in bold are new targets in this study