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Table 3 Listing of BACs included in the Citrus 39B3 deletion.

From: Characterization of hemizygous deletions in Citrus using array-Comparative Genomic Hybridization and microsynteny comparisons with the poplar genome

BAC Ends BES ID (GenBank) BLASTX against plant proteins E value
B1 CCL021E18 B1-L ET070583 Nhf --
   B1-R ET070584 gi| 91805627| hypothetical protein 9e-24
B2 CCL011O24 B2-L ET086992 Nhf --
   B2-R ET086991 gi| 7576215| hypothetical protein 7e-47
B3 CCER1037B12 B3-L ET077105 gi| 7576215| hypothetical protein 3e-90
   B3-R ET077106 Nhf --
B4 CCER1032N17 B4-L ET101817 gi| 25411577| probable retroelement pol polyprotein 2e-06
   B4-R ET101816 Nhf --
B5 CCL011N15 B5-L ET087145 gi| 6469119| mitochondrial phosphate transporter 5e-56
   B5-R ET087144 Nhf --
B6 CCER1045A09 B6-L ET077286 gi| 92895029| Polynucleotidyl transferase (retrotransposon protein) 8e-63
   B6-R ET077285 gi| 30027167| auxin response factor-like protein 6e-85
B7 CCH3037D01 B7-L ET112059 gi| 87240692| Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding 1e-21
B8 CCER1005N09 B8-L ET079746 Nhf --
   B8-R ET079745 gi| 79331867| AML1; RNA binding/nucleic acid binding 2e-09
B9 CCH3005L04 B9-L ET081228 gi| 33113977| putative copia-type pol polyprotein 2e-85
   B9-R ET081227 gi| 51968598| peroxisomal Ca-dependent solute carrier-like protein 2e-21
B10 CCER1033B14 B10-L ET102435 gi| 51968598| peroxisomal Ca-dependent solute carrier-like protein 2e-37
   B10-R ET102434 Nhf --
B11 CCL011K21 B11-L ET086761 gi| 25402907| protein F5M15.26 (retrotransposon protein) 4e-78
   B11-R ET086760 gi| 14334878| putative ATP-dependent Clp protease ClpD 4e-57
B12 CCER1019D04 B12-L ET098996 gi| 14334878| putative ATP-dependent Clp protease ClpD 4e-35
   B12-R ET098995 gi| 6729532| putative protein 3e-28
B13 CCL032E17 B13-L ET094320 gi| 6729532| putative protein 9e-34
   B13-R ET094321 Nhf --
  1. BACs are numbered according to the ordered position in the deletion from B1 to B13. BES are named with the number of the BAC plus "-L" for left end and "-R" for right end according to the drawing orientation in Figure 5b. Nhf: no hits found.