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Figure 2

From: LTR retrotransposon landscape in Medicago truncatula: more rapid removal than in rice

Figure 2

Structure of LTR families. Each sub-figure gives the structure of a family. the X-axis displays coordinates of nucleotides and the Y-axis displays average similarities among the full-length members of that family (calculated using the PLOTCON program in the EMBOSS package [46]). Grey stripes show the positions of the LTR and the domains detected. We display ORFs that are >500 bp in length. The arrow under a ORF label represents the length of that ORF. In Mtr67, the ORFs are found in both chains and their orientation is indicated by the arrows above the ORF labels. Sudden collapse of similarity (e.g. 1.8–2 Kb of Mtr8 and 2–3.5 Kb of Mtr10) is caused by the insertion or deletion events in one or two family members.

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