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Table 2 Domain organization of LTR families.

From: LTR retrotransposon landscape in Medicago truncatula: more rapid removal than in rice

Superfamily patterna Number of families
Copia GAG-IN-RT 35
  IN-RT 19
  RTb 2
Gypsy GAG-RT-IN 14
  RT-IN 3
  RTb 1
Other GAGc 3
  RTd 1
  Other 7
  1. aThis table only shows the organization of GAG, IN and RT. See S3.1 for more information.
  2. bThese elements are classified by RT similarity.
  3. cORFs inside the three families share week similarity with some putative GAG proteins in UniProt.
  4. dThis RT is from Mtr81 but can not be assigned to either superfamily.