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Table 1 Summary of characteristics of the full-length cDNA library from male strobili of C. japonica

From: Characterization of expressed sequence tags from a full-length enriched cDNA library of Cryptomeria japonica male strobili

Total sequences 36,011
Number of 5'sequences 18,843
Number of 3' sequences 17,168
Number of cDNA clones 19,437
Number of contigsa 7,686
Number of singletsa 15,972
Number of unique transcriptsb 10,463
Number of unique transcripts corresponded to  
   1 clone 6,320
   2 clones 2,078
   3–5 clones 1,686
   6–10 clones 353
   11–20 clones 21
   >21 clones 5
  1. a ESTs were assembled using the PHRAP program.
  2. b Contigs and singlets were grouped using the BLASTN program and then both 5'- and 3'- end sequences derived from the respective same clones were grouped together.