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Table 1 Summary of GS FLX shotgun assemblies

From: Assessing the feasibility of GS FLX Pyrosequencing for sequencing the Atlantic salmon genome

Reads assembled 101705 102953
Singleton reads 2795 2870
Large contigsa (> 500 bp) 149 138
Total number of contigs 803 811
Bases in large contigs 950826 942244
Total bases covering region 1088103 1081281
Average contig size (bp) 6381 6827
N50 contig sizeb (bp) 11497 13455
Largest contig (bp) 34471 38211
> Q40 bases (bp) 947699 939244
  1. GS FLX shotgun assembly alone (SG) and when combined with 126 BAC-end sequences (SG+BE). aContigs are defined as more than one read joined by overlapping sequence. Large contigs defined as greater than 500 bp. bThe N50 contig size is defined as the largest contig size at which half of the total size of the contigs is represented by contigs larger than the N50 value.