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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers for the end sequences of the ten BAC clones in Figure 1.

From: A map of the class III region of the sheep major histocompatibilty complex

Clone ID GenBank Acc No (gi)
CH243-257B22 77151234/77143173>
CH243-265D24 77125512/77125520
CH243-295I15 77241001/77237208
CH243-302L6 77296914/77298047
CH243-340A7 77275575/77263741
CH243-348O13 76832624/76828474
CH243-349H16 76828020/76826237
CH243-443I20 76938294/76938211
CH243-487C7 not available
CH243-521I18 77339223/77338595
  1. Normal font: BACs subjected to additional direct sequencing for confirmation and identification of specific loci. Bold font: BACs for which published end sequences in GenBank contained orthologues of genes from the human MHC class III.