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Figure 4

From: The protein-phosphatome of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Figure 4

Neighbour-Net tree of all PPM (PP2c) type domains detected in the model genomes. The Markov clustering algorithm defined a single group encompassing the large majority of the sequences; therefore, in contrast to the other figures, no wedges are indicated. P. falciparum sequences appearing in the tree are labelled by capital letters: A, MAL13P1.44; B, PFL2365w; C, PF14_0523; D, PFD0505c; E, PFE1010w; F, PF11_0362; G, PF11_0396; H, MAL8P1.109; I, MAL8P1.108; J, PF10_0093. A high-resolution version of this Figure is available as a PNG file (see Additional file 8). We recommend viewing this file using a graphics programme enabling magnification, such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

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