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Figure 7

From: The protein-phosphatome of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Figure 7

Neighbour-Net tree of all Rhodanese type domains detected in the model genomes. The sequences annotated as "MAPK phosphatase-associated domains" refer to the same polypeptides as the MAPK phosphatases in the PTP tree (Fig. 5), because these proteins contain both a DSP domain and a (non-catalytic) Rhodanese-like domain. The coloured wedges indicate the distinct clusters defined by the Markov clustering algorithm. P. falciparum sequences appearing in the tree are shown within red squares. Sequences annotated as cdc25s, containing the CX5R catalytic motif, are indicated with an asterisk. See Additional file 6 for an alignment of these sequences with all P. falciparum sequences containing a Rhodanese domain. A high-resolution version of this Figure is available as a PNG file (see Additional file 11). We recommend viewing this file using a graphics programme enabling magnification, such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

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