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Table 2 Profiles used, unaltered, to mine the various genomes for conformant sequences.

From: The protein-phosphatome of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

PF00102 Y-phosphatase Tyrosine
PF01451 LMWP Tyrosine
PF00481 PP2c Serine/Threonine
PF00782 DSP Tyrosine/Serine/Threonine
PF03162 Y-phosphatase2 Tyrosine
PF03031 NIF phosphatase Serine/Threonine
PF00581 Rhodanese domain (CDC25) Threonine/Tyrosine
PF00149 Metallophosphatase Serine/Threonine; Many proteins with catalytic sites conforming to the PF00149 profile hydrolyse phosphate esters on substrates other than phosphoproteins.