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Table 2 Novel polymorphisms of phoP-phoR in BCG strains identified in current study.

From: Novel genome polymorphisms in BCG vaccine strains and impact on efficacy

BCG strains Polymorphisms of phoP Predicted effects on PhoP Polymorphisms phoR Predicted effects on PhoR
IS6110 insertion at 18 bp upstream of ATG start codon Upregulation of phoP One SNP in BCG-Moreau.
No SNP in BCG-Russia or -Japan
D322G mutant in BCG-Moreau
ND NA 11 bp deletion within ORF Mutated 54 residues of the C-terminal
Prague Single base insertion within ORF Mutated 94 residues of the C-terminal ND NA
Frappier SNP within ORF T9M mutant Single base deletion within ORF Mutated 383 residues of the C-terminal
China SNP within ORF P151S mutant ND NA
  1. The sequences of phoP-phoR in BCG-Phipps, BCG-Tice, and BCG-Pasteur are 100% identical to the published genome sequences of M. bovis AF2122/97 [30]. BCG-Danish and -Glaxo contains a 10 bp deletion within phoR, which was described previously [24]. ND: polymorphisms not detected. NA: no affect.