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Table 1 Overview of results.

From: WebScipio: An online tool for the determination of gene structures using protein sequences

Target Query from self Query from Human difference
Human 99.97%/99.97% n.a. n.a.
Pongo 99.21%/99.02% 96.08%/95.46% 3.13%/3.56%
Callithrix 99.22%/99.11% 97.45%/96.38% 1.77%/2.73%
Mouse 98.21%/97.88% 93.36%/90.92% 4.85%/6.96%
  1. Average matching percentages for 40 myosin protein sequences from Human. Percentages are (percentage of protein, not subtracting mismatches)/(percentage of amino acids found, subtracting mismatches). Searches were performed using a tile size of 5.