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Table 4 Randomization tests of HIMIA

From: Identifying gene regulatory modules of heat shock response in yeast

  Jaccard similarity score
HIMIA (using original input data) 0.19
HIMIA (using randomized gene expression data) 0.025 (mean), 0.023 (standard deviation)
HIMIA (using randomized ChIP-chip data) 0.009 (mean), 0.016 (standard deviation)
  1. Two randomization tests were performed. First, we randomly permuted the gene expression data 1000 times. Second, we randomly permuted the ChIP-chip data 1000 times. When either of the two randomized data sets was used as the input, HIMIA could no longer effectively identify the known stress-responsive TFs, indicating that the output of HIMIA is statistically meaningful and is far beyond random expectation.