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Table 2 Major features of the B. petrii genomic islands

From: The missing link: Bordetella petrii is endowed with both the metabolic versatility of environmental bacteria and virulence traits of pathogenic Bordetellae

Genomic islands (CDS) Coordinates (size in bp) Major features
GI (Bpet0187-0310) 201731..346691 (144961) No integrase and direct repeats (DR)
   Capsular polysaccharide genes
   2 autotransporters
   Metabolism of phthalate and protocatechuate, urea amidohydrolase
GI1 (Bpet1009-1275) 1084007..1339483 (255477) clc-like, integrase, DR (3' end of tRNAGly)
   Metabolism of an unknown aromatic compound (Bpet1116-1123)
GI2 (Bpet1288-1437) 1350143..1493539 (143397) clc-like, integrase, DR (3' end of tRNAGly)
   Metabolism of benzoate, benzylalcohol, 3-hydroxybenzoate, putative monooxygenase (Bpet1330)
   Putative (chloro)phenol monooxygenase (Bpet1331)
   nitrile hydratase (Bpet1415-1416)
GI3 (Bpet1438-1545) 1493557..1595653 (102110) Almost identical to the clc element, integrase, DR (3' end of tRNAGly)
   Metabolism of chlorocatechol, anthranilate
   Short chain dehydrogenase (Bpet1512)
GI4 (Bpet2166-2216) 2250672..2297721 (47176) Tn4371-like, integrase, (T)6 DR
GI5 (Bpet3699-3770) 3912214..3979917 (67704) Integrase, features of conjugative transposons
   Metabolism of chlorocatechol (2 gene clusters), tetrachlorobenzene
   4 glutathione S-transferase (Bpet3724-3727)
GI6 (Bpet4174-4316) 4417761..4576856 (159096) clc-like, integrase, DR (3' end of tRNAGly)
   Multidrug efflux pump
   Iron transport system.
GI7 (Bpet4544-4630) 4804478..4893272 (88795) Integrase, DR (3' end of tRNAPhe), features of conjugative transposons
   Several heavy metal resistance systems