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Figure 2

From: Differential gene expression profiles are dependent upon method of peripheral blood collection and RNA isolation

Figure 2

A Hierarchical clustering of individual samples for the 1,338 transcripts generated from a union set of transcripts statistically significant as either up- or down-regulated using Tempus™ or PAXgene™ tubes. PHA stimulation is associated with the primary segregation of samples (Blue and Gold Bar), with RNA collection tube as a secondary grouping (Pink and Teal). B. Hierarchical clustering of fold change values within a participant/tube condition for PHA stimulation vs. no PHA stimulation shows consistent grouping by participant despite difference in collection tubes (Note color bars by participant). C. Venn diagram for comparisons of 3 hr PHA stimulation vs. 3 hrs with no stimulation. Substantial up-regulated transcripts using Tempus™ compared to PAXgene™, and a greater number of down-regulated transcripts using PAXgene™ compared to Tempus™.

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