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Figure 3

From: Analysis of wheat SAGE tags reveals evidence for widespread antisense transcription

Figure 3

Alignment of SAGE tags to the Pin genes. Pina (a) and Pinb (b) mRNA complete sequence from the Ha (hardness) locus [GenBank accession: CR626934] Chantret et al. [41]. All anchoring enzyme sites are denoted by upper case letters and SAGE tags in bold (reverse tags are in addition italicised), the coding sequence is delimited by open arrow heads. Putative polyadenylation signals are indicated by asterisks and the termination sites of the truncated transcripts highlighted by block arrow heads (Gautier et al. [43]). Cumulative tag counts across all six libraries are indicated in boxes beneath each tag. In both cases the penultimate (and non-canonical) tag has the highest frequency.

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