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Figure 5

From: Analysis of wheat SAGE tags reveals evidence for widespread antisense transcription

Figure 5

Expression profiles of Pina and b sense (blue) and antisense (red) transcripts within the wheat endosperm. Mean relative intensities of Pina (a) and Pinb (b) sense oligos across the tiled array, each bar represents the median relative intensity of hybridisation of cDNA from 14 dpa endosperm to a 30 mer oligo. The thin black lines under the graphs indicate the gene regions with the thick black lines representing the coding sequence. Mean relative intensities of the Pina sense (c), Pinb sense (d), Pina antisense (e) and Pinb antisense (f) transcripts were calculated over development using all anisense oligos, including both the tiled oligos and the ORF oligos. Expression of both sense and antisense transcripts peak around 10 dpa, the sense transcripts remain in abundance during the middle phase of development, whilst the antisense transcripts have declined by 14 dpa. All oligo sequences are provided in additional material 7.

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