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Table 4 List of taxa used for genome comparison

From: Complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of oyster Crassostrea hongkongensis-a case of "Tandem duplication-random loss" for genome rearrangement in Crassostrea?

Taxon and Species Accession No Taxon and Species Accession No
Bivalvia      Venerupis philippinarum NC_003354
   Acanthocardia tuberculata NC_008452 Gastropoda  
   Argopecten irradians EU023915    Biomphalaria glabrata NC_005439
   Crassostrea gigas NC_001276    Cepaea nemoralis NC_001816
   Crassostrea virginica AY905542 Cephalopoda  
   Crassostrea hongkongensis EU266073    Dosidicus gigas NC_009734
   Hiatella arctica NC_008451    Todarodes pacificus NC_006354
   Lampsilis ornate AY365193 Polyplacophora  
   Mizuhopecten yessoensis NC_009081    Katharina tunicate NC_001636
   Mytilus edulis AY484747 Scaphopoda  
   Mytilus galloprovincialis NC_006886    Graptacme eborea NC_006162
   Mytilus trossulus NC_007687    Siphonodentalium lobatum NC_005840
   Placopecten magellanicus NC_007234