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Table 2 Numbers of genes in the intersections of gene sets generated by the two experiments

From: Global analysis of gene expression changes during retinoic acid-induced growth arrest and differentiation of melanoma: comparison to differentially expressed genes in melanocytes vs melanoma

  Over-expressed in melan-a v B16 Under-expressed in melan-a v B16 Total
Upregulated by RA treatment 71 14 85
Downregulated by RA treatment 16 132 151
Total 87 149 233
  1. In both the experiment comparing gene expression in RA-treated B16 cells to that in untreated B16 cells, and the experiment comparing gene expression in melan-a cells to that in B16 cells, significance is determined by SAM with median false discovery rate of 10%, and a minimum fold change of 1.5. Table entries in bold represent genes for which treatment by RA changes the expression in B16 cells towards that in melan-a cells.