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Figure 4

From: Genomics and proteomics of immune modulatory effects of a butanol fraction of echinacea purpurea in human dendritic cells

Figure 4

Bioinformatics analysis of candidate molecular signaling networks of genes differentially expressed in [BF/S+L/Ep]-treated iDCs. The TRANSPATH Professional 7.1 database was searched to assess the possible signaling pathways, networks or potential interactions among the responsive genes/target molecules in iDCs treated with [BF/S+L/Ep]. The 20 genes that were up- or down-regulated at least 5-fold over controls were analyzed. Specifically, connections (hits) within 7 genes were employed as the parameter for the current search. Two postulated key molecules/pathways, Adenylate cyclase (AC8) and calmudulin (CaM), responsive to [BF/S+L/Ep] treatment were indicated indicated by thick and thin arrows, respectively.

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