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Figure 2

From: p53 induces distinct epigenetic states at its direct target promoters

Figure 2

Changes in acetylation of histones H3 and H4 in studied cell lines. Heatmaps show histone acetylation status of promoters that demonstrate significant changes from control (parental and vector only transformed) cell lines in any sample detected by chromatin immunoprecipitation and hybridization to 13,000 human gene promoter microarray. Promoters were sorted in the y-axis direction by decreasing average acetylation. Green color reflects high acetylation, red color low acetylation. The average acetylation from three independent experiments is shown. Cell line labels are displayed below the x-axis. The two bottom lines display the number of promoters that were significantly (p-val ≤ 0.05) more or less acetylated than in the control cell lines, and are shown by black dots within the figure. Acetylation of histone H3 is shown on the left and acetylation of histone H4 on the right. The total list of differentially acetylated promoters is available as additional file 2.

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