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Figure 12

From: In silico identification and molecular characterization of genes predominantly expressed in the fish oocyte

Figure 12

Tissue expression of rainbow trout msh4. Tissue expression of rainbow trout msh4 transcript. Real-time PCR analysis was conducted using total RNA originating from the following tissues sampled in 3 different fish: brain, pituitary, gills, heart, liver, stomach, intestine, spleen, head kidney, trunk kidney, muscle, skin, ovary, unfertilized eggs, and stage II testis. For each tissue, 3 separate reverse transcription reactions were carried out using separate RNA samples originating from 3 different fish. Reverse transcription reactions were pooled and use to run real-time PCR in triplicates. Mean and standard deviation are shown (N = 3). Expression levels not significantly different from background signal at p < 0.05 are indicated (#). Expression levels are expressed as a percentage of the expression in the ovary.

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