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Figure 3

From: RAId_DbS: mass-spectrometry based peptide identification web server with knowledge integration

Figure 3

The Format of Search Results Reported by RAId_DbS. The report format of RAId_DbS contains a header portion that shows important relevant information pertinent to the score statistics. The Goodness-of-fit of the score model is reported. Basically, it represents how well the score model, be theoretically derived or assumed, agrees with the cumulated score histogram. Also reported is a quantity called the model P-value, which documents the likelihood for the correlation strength between the model score distribution and the score histogram to come out of random matching. In the report table, the first column shows the E-values and the second column shows the P-values. The protein IDs, shown in fifth column, also serves as the links to the proteins containing the reported peptide. The sixth column contains information of novel SAPs, if the reported peptide contains a novel SAP. The seventh column shows disease information, if the reported peptide contains disease related SAPs or PTMs.

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