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Figure 2

From: An optimized procedure for the design and evaluation of Ecotilling assays

Figure 2

Screenshot of Vector NTI showing an example of a data set prepared for Ecotilling. The Vector NTI interface is divided in 3 panels: a graphical overview, an annotated sequence and a textual overview. The graphical overview displays several features, including known SNPs (red), regulatory regions (blue shaded arrows), exons (orange boxes and blue annotation), known functional features, as catalytic domains (cyan), sequencing primers (olive-colored), amplification primers (black) and the location of PCR fragments (olive colored bars and green annotation). The distance between any of the genetic elements can be easily determined by dragging the mouse over the sequence strand (see also Figure 3 and additional file 3). This feature is particularly important for Ecotilling, which is in principle based on differing electrophoretic motilities of the digestion products of different lengths. This figure shows a section of the graphical overview of the whole data set. For an entire screenshot of how Vector NTI is presenting the data, please see additional file 2.

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