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Figure 1

From: Genomic plasticity of the immune-related Mhc class I B region in macaque species

Figure 1

Location of MIB copies and B genes on the physical map of rhesus macaque Mhc. Blank and filled arrows indicate MIB and Mamu-B gene copies, respectively. BAC clones, from which MIBs and Mamu-B genes were retrieved, are positioned at the top of the figure. The names of the Mamu-B01 to -B19 genes – labelled as such by Daza-Vamenta and colleagues [11] and also annotated differently by Shiina and colleagues [42] – have been replaced by the latest Mamu-B loci/lineage names (B*) whenever possible; these represent "major'' or "minor'' expressed Mamu-B loci [15, 16]. Green arrow indicates transcription direction.

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